About Us

Jeffery Yong

Founder & CEO

Jeffery Yong attended Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia and graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Business degree, majoring in Accounting. As a Chartered Accountant, he has been a member of CPA Australia since 1996. He is also a Certified Hedge Fund Professional (USA) and an appointed Money Manager with Swissquote Bank Limited and FXCM Australia Limited.

Prior to founding Wisemann Capital Management, Jeffery’s career experience has been primarily in the management consulting industry. He was attached with Coopers & Lybrand Consulting and subsequently Deloitte Consulting, serving Fortune 500 clients across the Asia Pacific region. 

In the investment arena, Jeffery has been investing in real estate and the stock market since 1996. In 2009, he began his foray in the Forex market, and in January 2012, he founded Wisemann Capital Management.

Michael Loo


Michael is a Certified Hedge Fund Professional (USA), Forex Mentor and a self-made millionaire.

He was also an ex-member of the Chicago Board of Trade (USA), with more than 30 years combined experience in trading Futures, Commodities, Bullion, Index, and Spot Forex.

Career-wise, he had served as the Vice President of two major broker firms, namely Sun Hung Kai Securities (HK) Ltd (Singapore) and Shearson-American Express Ltd (Singapore).

At Wisemann Capital, Michael played a key role in the formulation of the trading system and strategy. He continues to advise in the areas of portfolio management and risk management.


Investment Philosophy

Wisemann's mission is to deliver superior investment results with risk under control and to conduct our business with the highest integrity.

Capital Preservation

Our investment program is designed with one objective in mind – to maximize the portfolio performance for our clients while at the same time using the power of compounding to grow their wealth.

This respect for compounding leads us to have a strong emphasis on managing downside risk. Capital preservation is of utmost importance to us because the damaging power of "reverse compounding" can be extremely destructive to a portfolio. Most investors are familiar with the magic of compounding interest but they fail to realize that it works in reverse as well.

That is why we never chase the market and we never break our risk management rules no matter how "good" a trade may look. We play a defensive game and maintain a modest return target of 20-30% per annum.

Long-Term Systematic Trend Following

We are trend followers. We simply go with the flow and leave our egos at the door. If the market is going up, we are long. If the market is going down, we are short. What we think a market should or will do is irrelevant. We do what the market is doing.

We believe that "price" is the best indicator - as long as price data is available, all else is inconsequential. Media news, broker opinions, talking heads, and so on are simply not necessary to profit. All fundamental and technical buying and selling is reflected in one thing - price.

Our investment program is therefore 100% systematic and quantitative. There is no discretionary aspect to our strategy and trading signals are never over-ridden. This requires a high level of self-discipline and patience to follow precise rules based on price action alone.